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Dry Erase Mirror Clings



dry erasePre-Booking Version:

  • Encourages guests to pre-book
  • Helps your stylists suggest return dates with upcoming events and holidays in mind
  • Choose your favorite of 3 wording options (shown below) or alternate between stylist stations

dry eraseWhat We're Wearing Version:

  • Ensures that your stylists are wearing Aveda makeup & aroma
  • Points guests toward specific products
  • Helps start a conversation about retail domains & drives sales


How They Work

  • Dry Erase Mirror Clings stick to each stylist station and provide a highly visible reminder for pre-booking & retail
  • Stylists erase & re-write each day, providing current information for their guests (OR - assign a point-person to do this each day at all stations)


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Sample - PreBooking Version

Sample - PreBooking Version

Sample - What We’re Wearing Version

Sample - What We’re Wearing Version


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