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Love Is Why

Kathleen Turpel, Owner

Creative Director

Kayla Morgan, Principal

Director of Network Marketing

Nikki Brown, Principal

General Manager

Lon Johnson

Accounting Director

Rebekah Guarisco

Design Director

Dharmisha Patel

Director of Project Management

Brooke Nilsen

Associate Director of Project
Management, Website Lead

Kate Holcomb

Digital Production Director

Michael Milstead

Senior Lead Digital Developer

Kim Scotch

Web Developer

Liz Nemeth

Web Developer

Colton Allen

Web Developer

Brittany Murray

Marketing Consultant

Elise Fitzwilliam

Marketing Coordinator

Theresa Pineda

Production Coordinator & Designer

Shelley Simon Roger

Senior Project Manager

Ashley Larsen

Senior Project Manager

Lauren Astrachan

Senior Project Manager

Eric Arostegui

Web Project Coordinator

Kaelyn Johnson

Project Coordinator

Sydney Baker

Project Coordinator

Annie Blair

Traffic Manager

Sally Brockman

Key Account Project Manager

Mary Rose Walker

Key Accounts Project Manager

Rebecca Reynolds Johnson

Marketing Coordinator

Eleanor Pulsipher

Digital and Social Media Manager

Kelsey Raybon

Graphic Designer

Britt Benoit

Graphic Designer