Sydney Griffin: Copywriter & Social Media Coordinator

Sydney Griffin

Copywriter & Social Media Coordinator

Resume: B.A. in English Literature, graduate of the 2017 Columbia Publishing Course and graduate of the Aveda Institute Covington. Formerly worked as a Stylist at Paris Parker Prytania. 

Awards Won: Published in literary magazine New College Review, Marr's Field Journal, and Alabama's Best Emerging Poets

Alternative Career: Anything that saves the animals, planet, or books.

Ideal PB & J: Okay, hear her out. Homemade cashew butter. Honey-soaked brioche bread. Tall glass of oat milk. The sun is shining. It’s a good day.

Oldest Article of Clothing: A faded, oversized flannel that she found in a thrift shop in Toronto after visiting a fortune teller. Yes, all of the psychic's predictions came true. No, Sydney will not be getting rid of that flannel.

Most Daring Moment: Skydiving in Hawaii or trying to ice skate backwards. They rank about the same in her book.

Favorite Food: Plants. Also, pizza.