Skye Bailey: Senior Graphic Designer

Skye Bailey

Senior Graphic Designer

Resume: Graphic Designer with a BA from the University of Southern Mississippi, a Southern Public Relations Federations Lantern Award, and a Gold Addy to boot. Earned her creative stripes decorating cakes and scooping ice cream at Coldstone.

Reality Show Aspiration: Chopped. Could serve an expertly inventive meal on wheel-thrown pottery of her own making.

Worst Hair Moment: Went bleach blonde. Had less fun.

Coolest Bragging Rights: Hit 70 feet free-diving in one breath.  Loves volcanoes and wouldn’t mind a second career as a volcanologist.  Has more than 40 board games and can beat you in all of them.

Guilty Pleasure: Nachos. Cheesy, steaky, spicy, yummy, crunchy nachos.

Invaluable Because: Her sharp and thoughtful eye for detail means everything she touches is improved as a result; her poise and quiet confidence prevail in the face of chaos.