Sally Brockman: Key Account Project Manager

Sally Brockman

Key Account Project Manager

Resume: B.A. in Mass Communications with a focus in Public Relations and a minor in Business. Master’s in Business Administration. Previously worked as a Project Manager for IM, Marketing & Development Manager at Big Brothers Big Sisters of SWLA, Community Outreach Specialist at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital, and an intern at the U.S. Embassy in London.

Where She’s Travelled: Mexico, Spain, Ireland, France, Italy, and Germany. She lived in the UK for about a year during which she met her now-husband. (Hallmark movie material.)

Movie Character She Identifies With: A strong combination of Hermione Granger, Tina Belcher, and Liz Lemon. She will not be taking questions at this time.

Alternative Career: Talk show host—she hosted a radio show in college. (We’d tune in.) 

Fun Fact: She convinced her husband to adopt their cat by getting his favorite comedian, Bob Mortimer, to name him via Twitter. (The cat’s name is Pat Halibut if you were curious.)