Nikki Brown: Principal, General Manager

Nikki Brown, Principal

General Manager

Resume: Bachelor of Arts in English from Millsaps College; experience on the agency side, the client side and the media side; Ad Club of New Orleans Marketing Director of the Year, 2012

Hidden Talents: Innate sense of pricing; would dominate on The Price is Right. Performing dramatic monologues.

Not-So-Hidden: Writing, editing, media-buying, people-juggling, strategic planning, common sense

Huxtable Most-Identified With: Claire. She’s always in control and knows how to get people to do what they need to do.

Bravest Moment: Slept under the stars on a mountain in Scotland. No tent, no plans, just sleep and scary noises.

Invaluable Because: Her attention to detail and super-human memory make her an encyclopedia of marketing tricks. A thoughtful approach to every decision lets clients and co-workers know that nothing has fallen through the cracks.