Michael Milstead: Senior Lead Digital Developer

Michael Milstead

Senior Lead Digital Developer

Resume: Has more than a decade of experience in web development and graphic design, but originally broke into the job market with an obligatory high school cashiering job at Rouses. The term “boat orders” still sends shivers down his spine.

Countries Visited: Mexico, Grand Cayman Islands, and Jamaica, the last of which stands out as home of the most delicious rum cake you’ll ever have.

Ideal PBJ: Extra crunchy peanut butter. Toasted oatmeal bread. Blackberry jam. Crusts build character.

Mantra: “Be authentic to your dreams. Be authentic to your own idea about yourself. Grind away at your own minds and bodies until you become your own invention. Be mad scientists.” – Warren Ellis

Invaluable Because: His dual talents in web programming and graphic design allow him to jump right into the most complex projects with speed and dexterity.