Megan Logsdon: Graphic Designer

Megan Logsdon

Graphic Designer

Resume:  BA in Digital Arts and Digital Media Production from Tulane. Worked for CocaCola as a Print Shop Intern and at NOVAC before coming to Imaginal.

Countries Visited:  Spain, Italy, Germany, the UK, Prague, Austria, Iceland, Nicaragua and Honduras. Her faves: Iceland, for the total unfamiliarity and the stunning intensity of the Icelandic winter, and Prague because of the great food and killer beer.

Guilty Pleasure: Eating multiple bowls of ice cream in one day, but there’s no shame in her game. If professional ice cream tester were a career path, she’d gladly pursue it.

If She Were on a Reality Show:  It would be Big Brother, but she knows she wouldn’t win because she’s a good doggone person and wouldn’t do people wrong like that.

Ideal PB&J: Creamy peanut butter and Trader Joe’s raspberry preserves, on white bread that’s substantial enough to hold to the pb. No crusts.