Mary Rose Walker: Key Accounts Project Manager

Mary Rose Walker

Key Accounts Project Manager

Resume: MBA from Portland State, BA from Cornell University in Biopsychology

Previously Worked: Shopgirl. Barista. Science educator. Americorps volunteer. Craft beer expert.

Awards Won: Advanced Cicerone (or, certified beer nerd). 2nd place in an International Sandboarding Competition. Female MVP of the NoPo Pool League 2016 Fall Season.

Countries Traveled: Peru, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Kenya, Japan. Bucket list: Cuba.

Guiltiest Pleasure: Eating popcorn and quoting The Simpsons.

Favorite Food: Sushi. She ate a scallop in Tokyo that she’ll never forget.

Mantra: “Nevertheless, she persisted.”