Lauren Alsop Bakos: Creative Strategy Director

Lauren Alsop Bakos

Creative Strategy Director

Resume: Majored in advertising at Loyola University New Orleans. Ad Club of New Orleans Creative Person of the Year. Addy Awards for copywriting and graphic design, National Davey Awards and International Summit Awards for creative concept & copywriting. Instructor for Aveda Business College: Marketing & Social Media. 

Worst Hair Phase: Cut her own bangs at age 11.

If She Weren’t Here: She’d be writing movie scripts or redecorating your house while you're out. 

Mantra: “If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. It’s the hard part that makes it great.”

Favorite Instagrammers: @OverheardNewYork and @OverheardLA for the comforting honesty, and @Pantone for the inspiration

Reality Show Aspiration: To create the challenges for The Amazing Race.

Invaluable Because: When she has an idea (which is often), it’s already gone through her superhuman, internal filters of: is it smart marketing, how will it work, why do we need this, and how can we make this damn creative so we love it forever?