Lane Grigas: Senior Graphic Designer

Lane Grigas

Senior Graphic Designer

Resume: Bachelor’s degree in visual arts from Southeastern Louisiana University (summa cum laude), minored in marketing; multiple award-winning poster designer. Ad Club of New Orleans' Most Promising Person for 2015. 

Mantra: “Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today, it’s already tomorrow in Australia” – Charles Schulz

If She Weren’t Here: She’d be painting.

Favorite Instagrammers: @jamieleereardin for her stylized character illustrations, and @loesvanoosten for the intriguing simplicity in pattern

Favorite Ad: ESPN “Arnold Palmer Drink” TV spot featuring the real Arnold Palmer

Worst Hair Decision: She changes it often and regrets nothing. Carpe capillus!

Invaluable Because: Her spirited attitude and time spent in the service industry make her the best kind of people-person. Her intellect and creative passion keeps her chasing bliss in the office and out of it, resulting in inspired design.