Jessica Pizzeck: Project Coordinator

Jessica Pizzeck

Project Coordinator

Resume: She graduated with honors from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations and French. She’s worked for every music festival and live event experience opportunity that she could get her hands on. Her journey led her to work with some of the coolest companies in the industry, including: Hangout Music Festival, Insomniac, the DoLab, C3 Presents, Live Nation, Jazz Fest and Festival International de Louisiane.

If She Weren't Here: She would probably choose to be a travel blogger with a focus on ocean conservation efforts.

Mantra: “A candle does not lose it’s flame by lighting another candle.

Favorite Food: If it’s glazed, topped with sprinkles, encased in sugar, or sweet in any sense of the word, she’s all over it.

Role Model: JK Rowling. Even in the most daunting, heavy point of her life, she found inner inspiration and motivation that allowed her brilliant creativity to lead to massive success.

Best Lesson Learned from A Stranger: If someone asks you to dance, say yes. An uncoordinated dancer that is learning is far better than someone who is not dancing at all.