Janine Bonilla: Copywriter & Social Media Specialist

Janine Bonilla

Copywriter / Social Media Specialist

Resume: BA in Advertising and Public Relations and MBA from Point Park University. Professional experience includes: developing the marketing department for RedZone Robotics, being a total Warhol geek (aka gallery attendant) at the Andy Warhol Museum, lots of retail and restaurants, and working as an independent stylist.

If She Weren't Here: She'd either be in NYC or LA trying to make it as an actress (or happily settling for costume designer).

Coolest Article of Clothing: Her mom's red velvet button down from the 90's—it was her mom’s favorite shirt, kept and cherished after she passed.

Bravest Moment: Moving to New Orleans where she had no friends, family or direct close ties for no reason other than "she just wanted to be there".

Invaluable Because: Her ability to apply creativity, intuition and empathy to her projects make for meaningful and unique results. She loves the feeling of crossing off tasks and projects from her list of to-do's and making people feel like they matter.