Jade Calhoun: Project Coordinator

Jade Calhoun

Project Coordinator

Resume: B.A. in Marketing from Southeastern Louisiana University. Previously worked as a Social Media Manager at Imagine Boutique and Brand Manager at Anntoine Marketing and Design. Guiltiest

Pleasure: Reddit conspiracy theories about her favorite television series. A wormhole if we ever saw one.

Alternative Career: Chef—cooking is her stress reliever and she makes an incredible chicken parm. (We’d never say no to a dinner invite.)

Mantra: “You give life to what you give energy to.”—via Tumblr.

Favorite Food: Potatoes. Their versatility means she will never tire of them.

Favorite Person to Follow On Twitter: Taylor Banks. She’s Social Media Director for E! News and the one behind all of their punny captions & hilarious responses. A true genius when it comes to social media.