Heather Miranne, Project Manager

Heather Miranne

Project Manager

Resume: Graduated from Loyola with a degree in Mass Communications, specializing in Public Relations. Previously worked as a Supervisor at the Audubon Zoo (wild) and an IT Marketing Manager (less wild, but you’d be surprised).

Guilty Pleasure: Harry Potter marathons. Cue that opening theme, please.

If She Weren’t Here: She’d be Care of Magical Creatures Professor at Hogwarts. You are correctly sensing a theme.

Comforted By: The pair of school uniform saddle oxfords she wore from 8th to 12th grade. Tradition was to toss them out the window after the last day of exams, but she couldn’t let hers go—they’d seen too much.

Mantra: "Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings." – Salvador Dali

Invaluable Because: Her sharp marketing and PR skills make her work effective, while her truly unique way of perceiving the world around her brings fresh energy to every project she touches.