Faye Broussard : Marketing Consultant

Faye Broussard

Marketing Consultant

Resume: Bachelor of Mass Communications  at LSU, Associates Degree in Media Arts at Delgado Community College, previous marketing experience at multiple agencies, not to mention a bowling alley/bar/live music venue

Hidden Talent: Mixed Martial Arts, including boxing, kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, although considering she’s competition-level, it’s not exactly hidden. #TeamFayeFTW

Fave Person on Twitter: ESPN personality Katie Nolan (@katienolan) because like Faye, she knows her stuff and holds it down in the male-dominated sports world.

Ideal PB&J: She’d prefer peanut butter and banana—toasted—over a PB&J any day. (Gotta get  enough protein to keep her strength up.)

Worst Hair Phase:  Full-on Mr. Spock childhood haircut, complete with bowl shape and power sideburns.

Words to Live By:  Brag little. Lose well. Crow gently if in Luck. Pay up. Own up. And shut up if beaten.