Elise Donnes: Traffic Manager

Elise Donnes

Traffic Manager

Resume: Worked as a Latent Fingerprint Examiner/Forensic Scientist for the Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Lab and a Crime Scene Tech for the NOPD. If you can process a crime scene, you can process anything. 

Countries Visited: Belize, Guatemala, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, and France (for an hour). Would most like to revisit Germany with a newfound appreciation for good beer. 

Hidden Talent: Impressive artistic streak, sadly most frequently expressed when she’s painting her house. 

Worst Hair Moment: A summer camp from-the-box dye job (talk about teen horror flicks) once turned her chocolate brown tresses a shade of not-so-lovely orange. 

Favorite Twitterer: Wil Wheaton (@wilw), for a generally hilarious feed with just the right touch of political and social commentary. 

Invaluable Because: Her CSI background means she’s not afraid of anything, but knows her boundaries (and how to make them work to her advantage).