Eleanor Blalock: Director of Operations

Eleanor Blalock

Director of Operations

Resume: Bachelor of Arts from LSU in Sociology and Political Science. Multiple Addy award-winning Project Manager with 8+ years of experience at IM.

Countries Visited: France, England, Ireland, Costa Rica (adventure of a lifetime), and Canada.

Dream Client: A cocktail bar. Creating a beautiful menu full of personally taste-tested drink concoctions sounds like the perfect day of work.

Bravest Moment: Rebuilding her home after Hurricane Isaac. Most physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting undertaking of her life—but she believed she could do it, so she did.

Favorite Ad: Applegate “Mooscles” series. Advocates the company’s mission effectively and hilariously.

Invaluable Because: Her “get-it-done” mindset and “I own this” approach to project management mean she delivers on target, every time. Website whisperer with a unique balance of rigid-work-ethic meets big-heart.