Corey Lavender: Graphic Designer / Senior Developer

Corey Lavender

Graphic Designer / Senior Developer

Resume: Earned a BA in Graphic Design from Southeastern Louisiana University , excelled in the School of Life as everything from a Personal Trainer to a Tire Installer.

Web Inspiration: Loves for its ability to create a different interaction for every viewer – and the sheer awesomeness of it. (It doesn’t hurt that it’s a clever piece of marketing from the Google Gods themselves.)

If He Weren’t Here: He would be honing his carpentry skills building the kind of furniture we all aspire to own.

Mantra: “To truly become number one, you must constantly strive to surpass yourself, not the competition.”

Invaluable Because: He’s a true team player who has probably solved your problem before you knew it existed. Also, he’ll let you pick your Monopoly piece before he picks his own.