Brittany Murray: Marketing Consultant

Brittany Murray

Marketing Consultant


Resume: A former Aveda stylist, Brittany came to us with a dream background in beauty—Aveda Institute graduate with tons of participation in Aveda Congress plus Aveda and Neill Business Colleges. She moved from her salon group’s style team to management for 12 years as their Director of Education and then Operations Manager, before joining IM in 2019 as a Marketing Coordinator.

Skill She Doesn’t Use Often Enough: Cooking! She loves to cook, loves to eat, and can execute a flawless meal when given the time.

If She Were On A Reality Show She’d Be On: Master Chef. Note the stipulation above, “when given the time.”

Guiltiest Pleasure: Jonas Brothers. She’s a sucker for them.

Article of Clothing She’s Owned The Longest: A pair of black Converse, purchased on her way to a band show in 2004, after which she immediately jumped around in a dirt pit so they wouldn’t look brand new.

Mantra To Live By: Work hard. Dream big.

Invaluable Because: Brittany’s in-depth experience with all aspects of running a successful salon is valuable and insightful. Her connection and vibe with salon owners and teams at all levels is second to none.