Britt Benoit: Graphic Designer

Britt Benoit

Graphic Designer

Resume: Before starting at IM, Britt was a Neuro Monitor and a chef. He's also a three-time Louisiana Press Association winner and has a Press Club of New Orleans award. 

Article of Clothing He's Owned the Longest: Britt's oldest—and potentially favorite—article of clothing is a Black Flag t-shirt. And no, he will never sell it, regardless of how much they go for on eBay. (Wait...$400?...????)

Skill He Doesn't Use Enough: Drumming 

Guiltiest Pleasure: Crossword Puzzles

A Quote He Lives By: "What matters most is how well you walk through the fire." - Charles Bukowski 

His Favorite Food: Thin Crust Pizza w/ Anchovies (At least it's not pineapple, right?)