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The Pros & Cons Of DIY Websites

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Because every successful business needs a solid website, one of the most important decisions for a business owner is how much they can—and should—invest in creating theirs.

With do-it-yourself website builders available to anyone with a credit card and a desktop computer, creating a website from an online kit can be an attractive option for a business owner looking to save overhead on the front end.

But are you considering ALL the costs involved when you compare your building options? What are the hidden costs of your time to get it launched?

To make it easier for you to assess, we’ve put together a chart of important factors to consider when it comes to your new website.

Because IM specializes in the beauty industry, ours is geared toward salon and spa websites, though most of the below factors are true for any business.

Can your business get by with a DIY website, or would it be better served long-term by a site designed and maintained by a professional?

Imaginal Marketing Group offers professionally designed website options at all price points. For a low-pressure convo about your website, contact your Marketing Consultant at IM, or email us at hello@immarketinggroup.com.



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