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Make the plan, Work the plan.

We’re big believers in goals. We love setting them, we love tracking them, and we really love reaching them. Recently, we checked a big one off—one we’ve been working toward for quite some time. We made the Inc. 5000 list, which celebrates the 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the country. This means that the growth rate we’ve seen in revenue and in team members is one of the highest around.

5000 is a small number relative to the millions of private businesses currently operating in America, so to land at 3672 on that list means a lot to our team. We’re excited, proud, and ready to keep working. But what we feel more than anything is gratitude. 

This accomplishment would have been impossible were it not for our people, and by that we mean our team – and, of course, our clients. Whether you’ve been with us since we launched or started your first project last month, please know what a privilege it has been to grow and evolve alongside you, and to spend our days helping making your goals into reality as well. You’ve done so much to inform who we are as a company and what we deliver to the world.

So yes, we’re moving forward, setting new goals, and continuing to grow. We’ve got big plans and big ideas, but our first goal—to provide beautiful and effective marketing for incredible people—will always be our most important. Here’s to reaching it, every day, together. Cheers to #3672! 

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