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The Making of the Video

In 2005, 2 months before Katrina hit, Imaginal Marketing Group opened its doors. That first day we had 6 employees. 10 years later, we now have 27 full time employees and 4 part-time employees. 

To commemorate our 10th anniversary, we made a parody video of Andy Grammer’s video, “Honey I’m Good” which celebrates how many years couples have been together. 

The only preparation for the shoot was that we asked each employee to make a sign of their name, position and the number of years they had been with the company.  The rest was improvised.

We had to make the video in 1 day because getting the entire company together – even for 1 day - is not an easy feat. We have 2 offices (about 45 minutes apart) and 2 people telecommute from Chicago and Houston. So we combined our video shoot with our annual 401K and insurance enrollment meeting. While all this craziness was being filmed – other team members were learning about investments, retirement and company matches. (Not exactly a mood enhancer, but we managed anyway, although I am not sure if our financial advisor will ever come back.)


If you love this song, you can buy it here:

Fun Facts About the Video:

• It was filmed in Imaginal Marketing Group’s New Orleans office. We bought the building in 2013 and finished a year long renovation last fall. 

• We first met Lon Johnson, our accounting manager, when he was in college and tried out for the Lockstars, a guerilla marketing team for Lockworks Salon (owned by Neill Corporation.) He’s holding up his Lockstar headshot from 2002. (Nikki, Kayla, Ryan and Kathleen all worked together at Neill Corporation before Imaginal.) 


• Tessa Crevasse and Eileen Loh, both copywriters, wanted to do their scene on the streetcar – which passes in front of our office. You really can’t see them or their signs, so here they are:

• At the 2:05 mark in the video, you see a Jimmy John’s delivery person make a cameo appearance. This was an actual delivery and he had no idea he was going to be in a video when he arrived. We just handed him the “Bag Sign” and started filming. Skye (the first woman on the left), and our pre-press coordinator, requested that he be in the video as a joke, but we thought it was a great idea.


• The "recycle" signs were created to acknowledge employees that left Imaginal and came back. (Clockwise: Lauren Alsop, Eleanor Long, Corey Lavender, and Ryan Trahan Cabler.) 



We also wanted to include our newest team member, Kate Holcomb, who starts in July. So please meet Kate!



Special thanks to Alessia Lepanto for the idea, filming the video, rockstar editing and putting up with my “work obsession” everyday, because I love what I do, and I love the people I do it with.



Here are some stills of the signs:





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