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Great Ideas I've Seen to Raise Money for Earth Month

April is Earth Month. If you are an AVEDA salon, this means you are ramping up your efforts to raise funds to help our earth month partners protect and provide clean water for us here in the United States and also in underdeveloped countries around the world. The importance of this cause cannot be overstated, and it's a natural fit for an industry that relies so much on water to function each day.  

Over the past few months, while attending AVEDA owners’ forums from Los Angeles to Albany, and many places in between, I've learned so much about what a difference the AVEDA network is making and creative ways salons are raising funds.

So I thought I would put a list together of some of the ideas that are easy to do whether you are a 2-chair salon or a multi location market leader.

Here, my 2 personal favorites:

1. Spare Some Change

Everyone has coins floating around in their purse or pocket.  Put a clear jar or vase on your front desk & drop some coins in the bottom with a sign that reads “change for clean water.”  Almost everyone has a few coins to spare, and with lots of guests contributing, your total can add up quickly.   Empty the jar when it gets full, but always leave a few coins at the bottom to jumpstart the  next round of giving. 

Easy tip: head to Marshalls or TJ Maxx for a tall clear cylinder vase that won’t cost you a fortune, but can be re-used after Earth Month to display flowers or house product samples. 


2. Team Raffle Baskets

No one loves begging for donations, but every team member in your salon probably has ONE great connection they could call on.  Ask everyone to get an item or service donated, and then combine the items into larger raffle prizes – baskets of donations that share a common theme.   Then you can sell tickets to your guests & be sure they’re asked to participate at check-out.  A $3 raffle ticket is an easy sell for a gift basket valued at $500 or more – especially when the guest already has her wallet out & open!

Other great ideas we’ve seen:

  • Water Drops – cut out water droplets & ask guests to donate $1, then print their name on the droplet and display in your retail area or front window
  • Waxing for Water – a day where proceeds from waxing services are donated to Earth Month causes; this makes an easy up-sell or add-on for guests who have other services booked that day
  • Trashion Show – upcycle some old clothes & rock the runway!
  • Jeans for Greens – let your team wear jeans on a Friday, at the low cost of $10
  • Round Up Sales – ask guests if they’ll round up their ticket to the next dollar; donate the extra change
  • Staff Garage Sale – we all have things we need to get rid of, and spring is the perfect time for cleaning!  Advertise the event in-salon, via email and on Craigslist
  • 5% Days – when 5% of all service tickets are donated
  • Auction an Expert – get a staff member to attend an event at a guest’s home or other location, offering styling and makeup tips; guests can bid on the featured artist appearance 
  • Blue Hair Extensions – great for a Saturday afternoon; set up a table in your retail area and be sure your whole team is repping the look
  • $1/minute massages – this is a great way to introduce guests to massage services and lets them donate at a level they’re comfortable with
  • Donate your tips day – Enough said. 

What else are you doing out there? Share your great ideas with us and with the Aveda network. 

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