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A Website is like a Hairstyle.

I talk to salon owners & hairstylists a lot – about hair and about marketing. The more we talk, the more I realize how much we have in common: We both want to make our clients look & feel their best so that they can focus on the things they’re passionate about. 

And then one night, while sipping wine and answering emails, I had one of those Oprah A-Ha moments that everyone is always talking about: A website is a lot like a hairstyle – in so many ways: 

1. It’s your chance to make a great first impression; it can show people that you’re fun, modern, conservative, or not afraid to try something radically different.  And, if it’s offensive or too loud, people may not want to get to know you any further. Yikes.

2. It gives new friends a glimpse into your personal style. Let the people know what you’re about!

3. It can become outdated as trends evolve and new technology and products come out – so you should re-examine it every year or two.  No one wants the “Carol Brady haircut” of websites.

carol brady hairstyle

4. It’s best to have a professional set it up the right way; then you can maintain it yourself at home until it’s time for a major update. (I refer to this as the “friends don’t let friends used boxed hair color” principle.)

5. Just because your nephew took one class last summer to understand a few basic techniques doesn’t mean you should trust him with creating your whole image.  

kid on computer

6. Building in some layers gives you more room and volume to play with.

7. There are lots of places in town where you can get it done, so doing your research and reading reviews is important before selecting a service provider.

8. It’s ok to try something new and innovative; the risk is worth the reward.  You’d rather be seen as a trendsetter than a fuddy-duddy (yeah, I said fuddy-duddy – and I meant it).

9. Sometimes simple is better. When you express a clear vision, your audience focuses on what you want them to.

crazy hairstyle
10. A really good designer can make all the difference.  Sometimes talent trumps experience. Usually though, you need a good balance of the two.



Editor’s Note: I thought the “balance” photo above was much more appealing than the same old obvious scales you see every where, but if you’re a traditionalist, here you go:

balance scale 

How else is a website like a hairstyle?  You tell me – I already came up with ten examples!  Share with us:



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