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Is your Facebook page a Ghost Town?

Social Media Ghost Town


(How to inject some new life into your abandoned social media accounts.)

We speak with a lot of salon owners who say things like “I have a Facebook page, but I never post to it.” or “I think we have a Twitter account, but I can’t find the password.” or “What’s Pinterest?”  To them we say, “It’s 2014 and this social media thing isn’t going anywhere. Get with it before you’re left in the dust.”

The fact is, Social Media is important. In 2013, 71% of online adults used Facebook, 18% used Twitter, and 21% used Pinterest*, and those numbers are growing.  Social Media is where our world spends its time online – so it’s important that you’re putting your best face forward. (Salon professionals, of all people, should know how important it is to put your best face forward.)

We know you’re busy, but you need to make time for social media. We’ve put together some at-a-glance guidelines that should help you feel less stressed about diving in.


Timelines for posting:

  • Facebook - once a day
  • Pinterest - sky's the limit, as long as the quality/curating is good
  • Twitter - several times per day; 2-3 is good; 4-5 is great; be sure to equally respond to others, retweet, and create original content  (link Instagram & FB to twitter so all posts go out as tweets, but not the other way around)
  • Instagram - several times per day (2-3 is good) 

Posting Formula for Facebook & Twitter:

  • 50% about fashion and product tips, trends and news
  • 25% about your community (this can include hot topics in Pop Culture beyond your local community)
  • 25% about your salon, your team, promotions, awards you’ve won, etc

Good Resources for Content:

  • Follow local media on Facebook & Twitter
  • Ask your guests for FAQs and then answer them with posts
  • Follow fashion and style gurus on Twitter 
  • Create Google alerts for the brands you carry & brands you're interested in 
  • Create "question of the week" photo updates with marker board & have your stylists hold up their answers (for example, “What’s your favorite product?” or “What are you grateful for today?”)

How to build engagement:

  • Keep posts brief - anything too wordy won't get read
  • Ask easy questions that require little thought & short answers
  • Ask for likes (like this post if you…)
  • Encourage people to tag themselves & share
  • Humor entertains people and is shared; would you rather read a sales pitch, or a witty comment about a trendy new style?

Twitterers we love:








@karllagerfeld            (everything he says is quotable)

@mbfw                      (better than front row seats at the tents)

@mindykaling            (like following your bestie)




@richardbranson       (our entrepreneurial crush)


@simondoonan         (style guru and creative genius)

@tedgibson              ($1200 haircuts. Enough said.)

@thecut                    (style tips and snarky gossip)

@thisiscolossal          (creative inspiration and passion at its best)



Facebookers we love:

Who to follow:

  • All of your vendors/brands
  • All of your competitors
  • All of your idols
  • Fashion and beauty leaders
  • Local bloggers in your community
  • Writers for local media

And of course, follow us & we’ll follow you:

Are you loving this topic? Need some more inspiration? More detailed one-on-one coaching? Contact us via Facebook if you can find the “like” button – or pick up your rotary phone and dial us up with that pretty manicured finger of yours – 985.792.0991. 



*Source: http://oursocialtimes.com/10-useful-social-networking-statistics-for-2014/


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