Aubrey Allison: Senior Social Media Specialist / Copywriter

Aubrey Allison

Senior Social Media Specialist
/ Copywriter

Resume: BA in political science from UNO, currently pursuing an MBA at Loyola. Yoga teacher on the side. Previous jobs include Marketing Assistant at Aurorae Yoga, Project Manager at Shoe Graphic Design, and Marketing Director at Nola Pilates.

Role Models: A 50/50 split between Peggy Olson from Mad Men and Beyonce.

Mantra: May all beings everywhere be happy and free.

Favorite Instagram Account: @DogsBeingBasic. It combines her love of memes with her love of dogs (and is the perfect way to kill time while waiting for the streetcar).

Most Adventurous Moment: She lived in a tent in Hawaii and worked on a 10-acre farm for a summer. It was absolutely magical—except for the giant centipedes.

If She Weren’t Here: She’d adopt 10 more dogs and be a professional dog lady. Can you tell she loves dogs?